Wera Screwdriver Ballend 352 SW 2.0 x 100 mm

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Quality Kraftform Plus screwdriver by Wera. Kraftform multi-component handle. The convenient Hex-Plus technology creates a larger contact area, which reduces the risk of deformation of the screw head. Marking the handle with the screw symbol and the size of the profile makes it easier to find the screwdriver in the tool bag and in the workplace.


  • Better power transmission with less effort
  • Reduces the risk of hand injuries even with long-term use
  • Anti-slip treatment 
  • Markings on the tool 
  • Hexagonal shape of the handle
  • Black tip of the blade for slip protection

Area of application (screwdrivers): Workshop
Wrench size: 2.0 mm
Shaft length: 100 mm
External length: 170 mm
Handle diameter: 26 mm
Handle length: 70 mm
Blade type: Hexagonal bit
Material: Tool steel
Material properties: Alloyed
Type of the end: Hex key
Screwdriver features: Multi-component handle
Ball end

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by Wera
Type: Tools

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Donald Krizsan

Wera Screwdriver Ballend 352 SW 2.0 x 100 mm