Sampler | Timberfill®

$9.00 USD

The whole set of all colors of Timberfill® on a Steel String. 

This unit includes the steel string with practical closing which makes adding more colors and changing possible. 
This product is consists of genuine 3D printed swatches with labels defining the color. All swatches are packed separately to not get damaged while shipping.

The complete list of 8 color is as it follows:


    Swatch info:

    Dimensions:  60 x 24.30 mm
    Thickness:  3, 1.5 & 0.5 mm
    Layer Height: 0.25 mm
    Infill: 15%
    Nozzle Temp: 190 C
    Bed Temp (glass bed without any adhesion): 60 C
    Nozzle: 0.6 mm 


    In offer also Single Swatches:


    Everything else you need
    Type: sample