PLA Extrafill "Everybody's Magenta"

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Fillamentum PLA Extrafill is a premium material for FFF 3D printing. It is made from natural raw materials and biodegradable by industrial composting.

Main features:

  • Easy to print (suitable for beginners)
  • Made of natural ingredients (100% bio-based)
  • AMS-compatible

RAL Color: N/A

Product information

  • Working temperature: 190–210 °C
  • Heated bed: 50–60 °C
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm 
  • Weight:
    750 g of filament (+ 230 g spool)
    2.5 kg of filament (+ 590 g spool)
  • The length of the filament:
    255 m (1.75 mm,750g)
    97 m (2.85 mm,750 g)
    840 m (1.75 mm, 2.5 kg)
    325 m (2.85 mm, 2.5 kg)

🌟 Key Features

- Good surface quality

- Easy to work with at high print speeds

- User-friendly for both home and office environments

- Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail

- A wide range of color options available

- High surface hardness

- Suitable for room-temperature applications

- Low odor

- Biodegradable in an industrial composter

- Made of natural ingredients (100% bio-based)

- Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment

- BPA-free, styrene-free

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Customer Reviews

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Wayne C
Magestic Magenta!

When it comes to Filamentum PLA Extrafill there is never a disapointment. It's the intense colors of all their filaments that is the choice among users.

Michal Marek
good quality material, interesting color

Some time ago I was looking for some new colors of quality filaments for the next project with a preference for PLA material. I received several samples of filaments of different colors made of PLA and close to PLA. With these filament samples, I did a few small test prints and gave them to others to review and then asked for their opinions on the color and quality of the filaments I used. According to me and others who helped me make a decision, the material "PLA Extrafill Everybody's Magenta" won, not only because of its distinctive color, but also because of its excellent quality, which made printing easy and the result was really great. I therefore ordered a full spool of this particular filament to complete the full print and then handed the model over to the client, who expressed positive surprise at both the color and the quality of the material we chose. Thank you (Filamentum Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.) for producing high-quality filament.